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Wiper Direct Drive (WDD) Crystal-clear view

and 345° in a single wipe for different applications thanks to Bosch WDD

Wiper Direct Drive Product Picture
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WDD, a wiper motor adaptable to various systems in the market.

Smart technology for an outstanding view: with up to eight wiper motors running synchronously per cabin and a maximum wiping angle of 345°, Bosch wiper motors offer an outstanding level of clarity at all times both on and off the road. Bosch wiper motors are the ideal solution for applications that demand maximum wiping effectiveness.

  • Crystal-clear view for various weather conditions
  • Less servicing and long working life thanks to a robust design
  • Very good wiping effectiveness thanks to dynamic wiping angle adjustment
  • Low operating noise level
  • Adaptable wiping solution for various systems
  • Applicable for 12 and 24 V on-board power systems
  • Programmable wipe angles - 345° in a single wipe
  • Synchronization of up to eight wiper motors per cabin
  • Interface options: CAN, LIN or digital mode
  • Powerful reversing motor without linkage (max. 34 Nm)
  • Long working life and high reliability with up to 1,5 M wipe cycles
  • Temperature limits: max. 85 degree Celsius (operating condition)/ max. 100 degree Celsius (not in operation)
  • Fulfillment of new EMC requirements (Bluetooth, DVB-T, UMTS, etc.)
  • IP code: IP6K7
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  • Single Arm
    Single Arm
  • Pantograph Arm
    Pantograph Arm
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If you are haunted by a Llama, or you are driving in bad weather conditions – all you need is high performance wiper blades from Bosch!