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Thermal management Engine-cooling and climatic-comfort components

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Engine cooling motor and fan
Engine cooling motor fan and shroud

Profound knowledge of thermal systems in vehicles and decades of experience in development and production make Bosch a reliable partner for anything related to thermal management. This is also reflected in the comprehensive range of spare parts: Bosch supplies workshops with matching high-quality spare parts – no matter whether it‘s for climatic comfort or engine cooling.

A vehicle’s thermal management system makes sure that the components are operated at their optimum temperature range whilst ensuring comfortable temperatures for the occupants inside the cabin. Engine component temperatures, depending on the operating point, can lower both fuel consumption and emissions – and increase the range of electric vehicles.

Bosch engine cooling fans, coolant pumps and solenoid valves work reliably and prevent the engine overheating and possible damage to its components.

The international sales and logistics network ensures quick availability of Bosch spare parts.

Electric coolant pump

Bosch electric coolant pumps reliably and efficiently support different coolant circuits in both vehicles with combustion engines and electric vehicles. They are used for diverse applications; e.g. to support the heating circuits also in start/stop operation and to cool components such as turbochargers or charge air coolers.

Advantages at a glance

  • Highly-proven quality thanks to productionin line with OE quality guidelines
  • Long service life due to high temperature and vibration resistance
  • Low failure risk due to robust and compact design
  • Comprehensive product range for 12/24-volt applications of different performance classes
  • Quick and easy installation

Solenoid valve

Bosch solenoid valves ensure reliable control and monitoring of the coolant flow in secondary powertrain coolant circuits as well as for coolant circulation in line with the requirements in the case of cabin heating circuits. They are used for both vehicles with combustion engines and electric vehicles. Their high quality and robustness make them suitable for diverse applications.

Advantages at a glance

  • Highly-proven quality thanks to production inline with OE quality guidelines
  • Long service life thanks to the high-quality materials used
  • Resistance to dirt and leak throughout the entire service life thanks to a robust and compact design
  • Comprehensive range for 12/24-volt applications meeting different requirements
  • Easy to install thanks to perfectly fitting connections

Engine cooling fan

Bosch engine cooling fans reliably ensure air flow across the radiator thus preventing the vehicle engine from overheating – even at low speeds. The comprehensive range comprises high-quality engine cooling fans, shrouds and complete modules.

Advantages at a glance

  • Long service life due to use of high-quality materials
  • Proven quality thanks to rigorous standards in production and testing
  • Low-noise operation due to accurate matching with the respective vehicle
  • Low failure rate thanks to robust design
  • Increased functional reliability due to protective functions integrated into the electric drive; e.g. automatic shutdown in case of any obstructions, thermal fuse and reverse polarity protection

Intelligent thermal management

Efficiency and comfort thanks to thermal management from Bosch

Depending on the heating or cooling requirements of the components or the vehicle interior, the thermal management system switches into the appropriate operating mode. The outdoor temperature is also considered during this process.

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