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Diesel components

Diesel Systems

High quality is the best customer care

Boats and vessels, agricultural machinery, construction machines and mining trucks, locomotives, power generators, can all run in an economical, powerful and reliable way on diesel engines.



HEF/HEP 109 starters

Bosch HEF/HEP 109 starters ensure reliable starting – both as single-starter solutions or parallel-starter systems.

Wiper Direct Drive

Wiper Direct Drive (WDD)

Crystal-clear view and 345° in a single wipe for different applications thanks to Bosch WDD

Crystal-clear view and 345° in a single wipe thanks to Bosch Wiper Direct Drive, which is adaptable to various systems in the market.

Bosch eXchange

Bosch eXchange

Remanufactured products

Bosch eXchange – high-quality solution for value-based vehicle repairs.



High energy supply for mobile applications

Reliable performance and high safety for mobile applications thanks to Bosch batteries. They stand out for high capacity, their outstanding deep-cycle resistance as well as operational reliability.

Spark plugs

Industrial Spark Plugs

Reliability of operation for gas engines

Featuring high quality, Bosch industrial spark plugs ensure reliable operation of gas engines.

Sensor Group Picture - Powertrain and Exhaust Gas


Precision for Off-Highway applications

High-accuracy measurement and control for Off-Highway applications.

Blowers Group Picture

Thermal management

Engine-cooling and climatic-comfort components

Bosch engine cooling fans, coolant pumps and solenoid valves work reliably and prevent the engine overheating and possible damage to its components.