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Industrial Spark Plugs

Bosch Re-gapping tool

The new service tool for Bosch industrial spark plugs is a professional tool for accurate readjustment of the electrode gap of Bosch M18 Iridium industrial spark plugs.

Industrial Spark Plugs

Readjusting the electrode gap without proper tools bears some risks:

There are risks of bending the ground electrode too much or to break it off. The electrode can also be set incorrectly or the spark plug can be damaged. Bosch thus developed the re-gapping tool adopting the electrode gapping method used at the production and transferring it to a handy service toll.

Use the right tool for the job!

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Advantages at a glance

  • Increase in service life of industrial spark plugs due to accurate readjustment of the original electrode gap
  • Reduced service times and costs thanks to its easy operation
  • Safe application thanks to integrated force limitation: Prevents overbending of the ground limitation: Prevents overbending of the ground electrode or pushing out the center electrode