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Mobility for people and goods is a key requirement in modern societies as well as the supply of electrical energy. Large Engines encompass applications such as locomotives, mining trucks, compressor stations in the Oil & Gas branch, pleasure boats, commercial vessels for either inland river navigation, costal- or offshore-purposes, as well as continuous and emergency power generation.

The global annual production volume of about 70 thousand Large Engines is small compared to roughly 100 million automotive newbuilds. On the other hand the life-time of these engines can go up to 30 years and more. Hence starting a project with a customer obviously implies a long-time relationship.

About 1.000 people are working in the Large Engines locations worldwide. The headquarters and biggest site is located in Hallein, Austria.


Four-stroke combustion engines with overall performance above 560kW up to 24MW with typically displacements between 15l and several 100l, bore sizes between 150mm to 500mm and configurations from L8 to V20, this is what we, in Hallein, typically would call Large Engines – a very broad variety of set-ups.

We provide fuel injection equipment and systems for liquid and gaseous fuels along with engine control systems for high speed but also for medium speed applications, for both engine OEMs as well as engine service providers.

About 1000 people are working in the Large Engines locations worldwide, the biggest site being Hallein, which is our lead plant covering central functions like engineering, purchasing, sales support, amongst others.

We provide worldwide solutions to enable our customers to:

  • achieve the lowest fuel consumption,
  • meet stringent emission legislations and,
  • provide a highly reliable engine operation.

Economical. Powerful. Reliable.