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HQ and main plant of Electrical Drives

Bosch Buehl

Bosch Buehl - headquarters and main plant of Electrical Drives

Bosch Location Buehl

In the economic region Mittelbaden you will find the headquarters of Electrical Drives in Bühlertal as well as the main plant in Bühl with a total of more than 4,000 employees. From Bühlertal, Bosch has been coordinating the worldwide business with electric drives for more than 50 years. Numerous sales, development, and administrative functions are located here. More than 100 million electrical drives are manufactured annually at the Bühl plant. Our main plant is characterized by lean processes, well-trained and motivated employees, a strong regional supplier structure and the fulfillment of the highest quality requirements.

In general innovative system solutions and services for a wide range of electrical automotive actuation applications are offered. The product range includes various actuator functions for seats, windowlifter and sunroofs, engine cooling and air-conditioning fans as well as wiper systems.